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Our mission goes beyond simply filling vacancies: With us, opportunities arise. We are a young, dynamic team screening the Swiss job market to find the best positions and career opportunities for you.


Through our ongoing dialogue, we gain a comprehensive overview of the job market and can quickly respond to market trends to present you with the most sought-after vacancies.

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Find the Right Fit with Us

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Free process from the initial conversation to Day One

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Many exclusive vacancies that are never advertised

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Personalized support and timely communication

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Strong client network through years of expertise

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Deep knowledge in the industry

Your Advantages

Five Steps to Your New Job

  • Your journey starts with your application or reaching out to us. Once we have received your documents, we take the time to carefully review them and form an understanding of your professional background and qualifications. Primarily, we focus on your individual career journey to recognize your strengths and potentials.

    Bewerbung bei Day One
  • In the next step, we look forward to getting to know you better. This can be either in person or over the phone, depending on your preferences and availability. During this conversation, we aim to learn more about your expectations regarding the position, salary, company culture, etc., to provide you with optimal guidance. Once we find a suitable position for you, we will contact you again to present the vacant role with all the relevant details.

    Get to know each other at Day One
  • If the proposed position meets your expectations, we forward your application documents to the respective company. With positive feedback, we invite you for an interview with the responsible person at the company. We offer our advisory support and help you prepare yourself for the interview.

    Conversations at Day One
  • After the interview, we continue to accompany you through the entire process. This includes support for any negotiations, clarifying open questions and preparing you for your first day at work. Our goal is that you feel well-taken care of at every stage.

    Application process at Day One
  • Your first day at the new company is an important milestone, but our support does not end there. Rather, we see this moment as the beginning of a long-term partnership. We stay in touch to ensure that you are comfortable in your new environment and receive support for any challenges you may face.

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