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Executive Search

The Right Leadership for Your Business Success

Executive Search is the process of identifying, approaching, and placing leadership and executive positions. In times of rapid change and globalization, effective leaders are crucial for a company's success and competitiveness.

Why This is Crucial for Business Success:

Leaders set the tone, shape the corporate culture, and are significantly responsible for strategy and execution. An incorrect hiring decision for a leadership role can have far-reaching consequences, making the selection of the right leader a crucial factor for business success.

Our Approach

A woman and a man in management positions in conversation, representing the executive dialogue at Day One

Every Executive Search at DAY ONE starts with a detailed analysis of your company. Our specialized team captures your desired approach to executive selection, as well as the scope and responsibilities of the position in question.


With a clear understanding of the specific requirements for the leadership role, we carry out a comprehensive analysis of the candidate market. We utilize both our extensive network and local, national, and international candidate platforms.


Our Executive Search services are industry-agnostic with a regional focus on Switzerland.


What distinguishes Executive Search from other recruitment services?

Executive Search relies on in-depth personal conversations with candidates and comprehensive knowledge of the specific industry and individual companies in which the search is conducted.

How long does the Executive Search process usually take?

The process generally takes several months, depending on the complexity of the position and the market environment. The start time of the search process is particularly essential, as it comes with a signaling effect from the client. Hence, Executive Search can be conducted with the utmost discretion if desired.

What are the key competencies evaluated in the selection of leaders?

In the selection of leaders through Executive Search, specific and evidence-based criteria are used that go beyond subjective factors like likability and network size to sustainably improve both performance and diversity in leadership roles.

Is it possible to conduct international searches?

Yes, our global network and partnerships enable us to search for candidates both regionally and internationally.

What role does the client play in the Executive Search process?

Clients are an integral part of the search process. We rely on transparent communication and regular updates to ensure that clients are involved at every stage.

Can the search process be tailored to specific company needs?

Absolutely. We customize the search process to meet the specific requirements and needs of the client. We also offer a confidential search process where the name of your company is only disclosed to candidates once you have their dossier.

How is the integration of the executive into the company supported?

We offer onboarding support and can recommend further development and coaching programs if needed.

Are reference checks part of the Executive Search process?

Yes, comprehensive reference checks are an essential component of our evaluation process.

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