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Professional Search

Specialized Recruiting for Professionals and Leaders

Professional Search is a specialized recruitment process focused on identifying and placing highly qualified professionals and executives. It's not just about filling an open position but finding the most suitable candidates who are a professional, human, and cultural fit for the company.

Why this is important for companies:

In today's competitive business landscape, a skill shortage is one of the biggest challenges. An unsuitable or even missing hire can not only be financially costly but also negatively affect team dynamics and productivity.


The right talent, however, will help your enterprise minimize risks, strengthen the team, and positively influence productivity.

Our Approach

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We utilize both our extensive network and modern sourcing technologies to connect with the right talents, thus accelerating and simplifying the recruitment process.


Our process begins with a comprehensive introduction to determine your exact needs and expectations. We personally advise you on the current market conditions and trends in your industry.


Subsequently, we identify suitable talents, conduct initial interviews, and evaluate the candidates based on qualifications and desired experience. After narrowing down the selection, additional screening steps are carried out before the best candidates are presented to the company.

Our Professional Search services are industry-agnostic.

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How does Professional Search differ from traditional recruiting?

Professional Search specializes in placing highly qualified professionals and leaders. In this case, we reach out to candidates who are not actively looking for a new challenge, giving companies that work with DAY ONE a much larger pool of potential talents.

How long does a typical Professional Search process take?

A Professional Search process generally takes between two and six weeks from inquiry to placement. These timelines can vary depending on the company or market conditions.

How is the cost structure for Professional Search organized?

We operate on a success-based model. Contact us directly to learn more about our pricing structure.

How is confidentiality ensured?

Confidentiality is our highest priority. All information collected during the recruitment process is strictly confidential and only shared with the express consent of the parties involved.

What role does corporate culture play in the selection of talents?

Corporate culture is a key aspect in our matching process. We strive to develop a comprehensive understanding of the culture and values of each company to ensure that the candidates fit not only professionally but also personally into the team.

How closely is the client involved in the search process?

Each recruitment process is personally led by a DAY ONE consultant. Both candidates and companies are regularly updated.

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