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Tips for a Successful Resignation

kündigung abgeben

Until about 20 years ago, it was the norm to stay loyal to the same company for an entire career or to hold the same position for decades. While this may still be the right path for some, today it is hardly imaginable for many.

Resigning from a job can have unavoidable reasons, but often it is accompanied by the desire to develop further, explore new horizons, or accelerate one's career ladder. Resigning often brings difficulties and inconveniences, especially when the current company has always been fair and the job rewarding.

In this blog post, we want to show you how this challenging step can be simplified.


Table of Contents

Five Simple Tips

1. Don’t Act on Impulse

Instead, consider whether you would feel comfortable at your current workplace if everything was going well and you had achieved your goals. If you realize that you are no longer progressing or if an attractive offer is in sight, this could be the right time to resign.

2. Get Informed

Check your employment contract to see what your current notice period is. Find out if you have any remaining vacation days and if there are any other contractual details you need to consider. These could include training costs that you might have to repay because you committed to a certain period.

3. It’s About You

Of course, it may happen that you get along well with your colleagues or superiors and have a friendly relationship. This can initially deter you from resigning. However, if you have received an attractive job offer, it is entirely legitimate to also show a healthy dose of self-interest. Moreover, there is no guarantee that your colleagues will stay in the company in the long term.

4. Be Prepared

Even if you have thought it through well, the formalities are in order, and you are determined, you should not act hastily. Arrange a meeting with your manager and prepare a written resignation letter. You will find a template below.

5. Stay Professional

The resignation discussion is not an opportunity to make accusations against your manager or to criticize the company. This leads to no constructive result. After resigning, you should always do your best until the last day and leave the company with the same spirit as when you started. Give your manager the impression that the decision is not "away from" but "towards" something. Thank them for the opportunities offered, the experiences gained, and the personal support.


Notice Periods in Switzerland

The legal minimum notice periods in Switzerland are set as follows:


  • During the probation period: 7 calendar days

  • After the probation period in the 1st year of service: 1 month

  • From the 2nd to the 9th year of service: 2 months

  • From the 10th year of service: 3 months


These notice periods apply to the end of a month unless explicitly agreed otherwise.


Remaining Vacation Days

If the resignation is initiated by the employee, it is assumed that a new position has been found and therefore the vacation days can be taken. This is because job searching is not necessary during the notice period.

However, if the company initiates the dismissal, it must be considered whether and how many vacation days must be taken. This depends on the length of the notice period in relation to the number of remaining vacation days.


Writing a Resignation Letter

When writing a resignation letter, it is important not to ramble but to express yourself briefly and clearly. It is not necessary to give a reason for the resignation.

Although a verbal resignation is legally possible, it is recommended, for proof reasons, to issue the resignation in writing. Ideally, this should be done by post (in writing) and registered. If a verbal resignation is made, it should be confirmed in writing.


Key Points to Include in the Resignation Letter:

  • Correct details of the company and the employee (name, address, etc.)

  • Information about the employment contract in question

  • The date on which the resignation takes effect

  • Signature and date


We have prepared a template for a resignation letter that you can easily download and enter your information.


Template_resignation letter
Download DOCX • 15KB



No matter the reasons for a resignation, once you have gone through with it, you will feel freer - with or without separation pain. Often the anticipation of the next challenge is much greater.


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